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Dr. Alexandra Henze Triebold and Marc Triebold

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12.05.2017 - 26.08.2017 - (Exhibition)
Karl Hofer – Hans Purrmann – Christian Rohlfs
Figuren, Stillleben und südliche Landschaften zwischen Impressionismus, Expressionismus und Neuer Sachlichkeit

01.09.2017 - 13.01.2018 - (Exhibition)
Eine Oase der Ruhe
Liegende und Ruhende vom Expressionismus bis heute

19.01.2018 - 31.05.2018 - (Exhibition)
Georg Baselitz
Hokusai, Remixe, ein Indianergrab und


Since 1993 in Wichtrach/Bern (Switzerland), before from 1946 until 1962 respectively 1970 in Stuttgart (Germany), afterwords in Campione d'Italia at the lake of Lugano (Italy). Gallery-owners: Ingeborg Henze-Ketterer and Dr. Wolfgang Henze


Under direction of Dr. Alexandra Henze Triebold and Marc Triebold the gallery Henze & Ketterer & Triebold in Riehen/Basel – branch office of the gallery Henze & Ketterer in Wichtrach/Bern – is committed to artists of German Expressionism as well as to abstraction after 1945 and New Figuration and also to contemporary painting and sculpture from Italy, Spain and Germany.



Having always been a lover of art and music, Roman Norbert Ketterer, manager of a special-purpose oil firm in Eislingen, founded his auctioneering house, the "Stuttgarter Kunstkabinett", in 1946. The two decisive moments in the life of Roman Norbert Ketterer in those years of regained freedom following the collapse of National Socialism were his discovery of works of art that had been unknown to him and his generation in Hitler's Germany, for they had been banned as "degenerate", and his realization that auctions were the very means by which he, Roman Norbert Ketterer, could whet the appetite of collectors and museum directors alike for these erstwhile scorned, persecuted and confiscated works of modern art. And they all came, all of them, not just the connoisseurs, collectors, critics and museum people but the rich and famous, too. David Rockefeller, Stavros Niarchos and Heinrich von Thyssen-Bornemisza were just three of the many who, through the initiative of Roman Norbert Ketterer, became collectors of works of modern art. Since 1954 Roman Norbert Ketterer had been the executor of the estate of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, one of the largest and most significant artists' estates in the history of art. Hence he could donate collection and building of the Kirchner Museum in Davos together with his wife Rosemarie Ketterer in 1992.


By 1962, Roman Norbert Ketterer's aim of reinstating modern art (which today we refer to as "classic modernism") had been achieved. He relocated to Campione d'Italia, at that time a friendly and still very sleepy fishing village on Lake Lugano, as an expert for German Expressionism. From 1970 onwards, his daughter Ingeborg and his son-in-law Wolfgang Henze (both of them art historians, the latter the son of the art historian Anton Henze, Münster/Rome) widened the scope of art by setting up another gallery which specialised on graphic arts of the German Expressionism, abstraction of the 50ies and younger artists as they were Jürgen Brodwolf, Alfonso Hüppi and later on Nakis Panayotidis and Daniel Spoerri. Since 1993 the gallery’s activities are continued in Wichtrach/Bern, where they host further estates like that of Fritz Winter, found archives for different artist’s complete oeuvres like that of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. The latter estate is executed in the gallery by Ingeborg Henze-Ketterer and Günther Ketterer since their father Roman Norbert Ketterer died in 2002.


Since 2001 the third generation of the family is committing his work to art. In 2001 Galerie Henze & Ketterer & Triebold in Riehen, first as Galerie Triebold AG, was founded as second location and is still directed by Alexandra Henze Triebold and Marc Triebold.


Represented Artists:

Solo- as well as group-exhibitions in the gallery in Riehen host by now internationally well-known painters and sculptors of the “Scuola Romana” as they are Pizzi Cannella, Nunzio and Marco Tirelli as well as exhibitions by Jürgen Brodwolf and Robert Klümpen from Germany, Italian-based Giovanni Manfredini and Paolo Serra, Darío Alvarez Basso and Darya von Berner from Spain.


In a kind of dialogue between styles and trends of art they are united alternately with exhibitions of Modern art especially with works of the German expressionism and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.


Throughout past and present there exists a basket of interests, obligations and activities by the numerous members of the family for art from 1905 till this day, which is experienced by the individual characters – most of them art historians – in an absolutely independent and also economically separated manner, without being foreign towards each other.


Corporate Identity:

The gallery comprehends itself more than just a market place. Constant solo- and group-exhibitions and the participation in international art fairs are belonging to its business as well as agency and support of exhibitions in public institutions in Switzerland and abroad. Administration of archives with photographies, catalogues and information about the represented artists and the release of publications, essays, videos and contributes to catalogues determine the gallery’s activity for its artists mentoring.


We exhibit at the following fairs:

Art Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe (

Art Cologne, Köln (

TEFAF, Maastricht (


Member of:

Verein Galerien in Basel

Verband Schweizer Galerien

Kunsthandelsverband der Schweiz CINOA

Artists represented

  • Bargheer Eduard
  • Baselitz Georg
  • Basso Dario
  • Bott Francis
  • Brodwolf Jürgen
  • Eble Theo
  • Grosz George
  • Gumpert Günther
  • Hartung Karl
  • Heckel Erich
  • Hofer Karl
  • Hüppi Alfonso
  • Kirchner Ernst Ludwig
  • Klümpen Robert
  • Kubach Wilmsen Anna und Wolfgang
  • Kubach-Kropp
  • Lüpertz Markus
  • Manfredini Giovanni
  • Mueller Otto
  • Müller-Oerlinghausen Berthold
  • Nolde Emil
  • Nunzio
  • Panayotidis Nakis
  • Pechstein Max
  • Peiffer Watenphul Max
  • Penck A.R.
  • Pizzi Cannella Piero
  • Purrmann Hans
  • Rohlfs Christian
  • Schmidt-Rottluff Karl
  • Schultze Bernard
  • Schumacher Emil
  • Serra Paolo
  • Spoerri Daniel
  • Thieler Fred
  • Tirelli Marco
  • Ursula
  • von Berner Darya
  • Waydelich Raymond
  • Werner Theodor
  • Werthmann Friedrich
  • Winter Fritz